How Not to Die at Your Job Interview

Today, very few employers have time for long interviews. That is why first impressions about you are very important.

If you want to get the job, prepare for the interview.

Learn all you can about the company where you are seeking employment. You can make a better impression if you are familiar with the company’s plans and operations.

Arrive for the interview on time. When greeting the interviewer wait until he moves to shake hands. You should also wait until he offers you a seat.

The way you dress is also very important. Choose clothing in which you’ll How Not to Die at Your Job Interview be comfortable. Be neat. Your shoes should be well-cleaned and shined. If you are a woman try to be moderate in make-up and jewelry.

Try to be relaxed and confident during the interview.

Never interrupt the interviewers.

Don’t criticize your previous employers. No matter how bad they were. Speak about them with respect when you start explaining why you quit.

Do’s Don’ts
Be yourself! Criticize your previous job or employers!
Think before you speak! Chew gum during the interview.
Inform the interviewer if you received an offer elsewhere Speak about your personal and financial How Not to Die at Your Job Interview problems.
Memorize your resume. Disagree with the interviewer.
Make eye contact. Be afraid to take the initiative.
Avoid yes/no answers. Give more details. Use professional jargon common in your field.
Prepare some questions to ask at the end of the interview.
Talk about your salary.

Home task:

I. Prepare a short personal statement about yourself. Be positive, but don't exaggerate your qualities too much!

Example: I'm a skilled technician who likes a challenge. I'm a dependable (надёжный), energetic worker who is happy to work independently or as part of a team.

II. Work in pairs, A and How Not to Die at Your Job Interview B.

Student A:You are the interviewer for the job of Stage Technician. Write a list of questions to ask the applicant. Give the candidate a chance to ask you questions about the job.


•What work experience have you had?

•Why do you want this job?

•Why do you think you would be good at this job?

•What comes first on your priority list: status or money?

•What are your strengths?

•In what cases can you lose your temper?

•Describe a difficult situation you handled well.

•What is your idea of success?

Student B: You are the applicant for How Not to Die at Your Job Interview the Stage Technician job Westgate theatre. List the questions you think the interviewer will ask. Prepare answers to them.


• Which subjects did you enjoy most in your course?

(Think of reasons why you enjoyed particular subjects. Explain why your qualifications will be important for the job).

• What work experience have you had?

(Describe any part-time work, voluntary work or work placement you have done).

• Why do you want this job?

(Think of reasons why this job is important to you).

• Why do you think you would be good at this job?

(Think about your qualifications, work experience How Not to Die at Your Job Interview and

interests. Consider what kind of person you are. List your good points).

• What do you do in your free time?

(List any sports or other interests).

Think of three questions to ask the interviewer about the job.

• Who would I work with?

• What training is there for the job?

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