fabulous ['fæbjuləs] невероятный, потрясающий керемет, ғажайып
bury ['beri] хоронить жерлеу
border [bɔ:də(r)] граница шекара
hospitable [hɔspitəb(ə)l] гостеприимный қонақ жай
occupy [ɔk ju,pai] охватывает, распространяеться алып/ созылып жатыр
fraternal [frə'tз:n(ə)l] плоский, ровный тегіс
domes [dəums] купол, величественное здание үлкен ғимарат
ancient ['einʃ(ə)nt] древний көне
government [gʌvənmənt] правительство үкімет
deputation [depju'teiʃ(ə)n] делегация делегация
LIW 1. Texts for reading. Read and translate the text-30 2. Correct the mistakes in the text. Turkestan We travell to the famouos Silk Road town of Turkestan. Here we GLOSSARY.’ll see the Mausoluem of hoja Ahmed Yasawi. It’s one off Kazahkstan’s most imppornt buildings. It’s 39 metres high and it has fabulous blue domes. Khoja Ahmed Yasawi is buried here. He taughted the Islamic religioin to many people and wroten poetry in the Turkic langguage.
Learn the poem by heart It’s my Motherland! Crystal meadows and clear sky! It’s my Motherland! Here I was born and will die, It’s my kingdom, my dear state Here I will forever stay! It’s my Motherland! The country of spiritual wealth!

Preparing power-point GLOSSARY. on the theme “The world’s friendliest city”.

Office hours Write an essay ‘Kazakhstan in the future’, what do you think Kazakhstan will be like in 20 year’s time? (100-120 words Grammar exercises 1 a,b,c [2, p. 78

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